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Laser Etched, LLC

Personalized Wine Stopper - Decorate Both Sides

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A personalized wine stopper is the perfect way to boost your business through unique promotion, or to create a gift that special someone will remember. This 2 sided bottle stopper can include a quote, photo, or logo on each side. That allows you to have a fully customized piece that is a direct reflection of the person who is receiving it. As a business, you can use this bottle stopper as a work anniversary or retirement gift. Place the years of service on one side, and your company logo on the other. You can even include the employee's name for further personalize it. As a wedding gift, you can place the engagement image of the beautiful couple on one side of the stopped. On the back, you can place their wedding date and their new shared last name. The possibilities are endless for this incredible 2 sided wine stopper. Made of heavy chromed metal and flexible rubber gasket. Stopper is 1 1/2" diameter and is 4 5/8" tall. ♥ Thank you for checking out my listing! Sign up for my newsletter to receive 10% off your order! Sign up here: